Republican Prosecuted For Withdrawing Cash from Bank



Taking cash out of your bank now a criminal offense?

Can’t believe it… The timing here is just eerie, especially after what happened a few days ago

America’s most respected newspaper, The New York Times, just published an article titled: “When It’s a Crime to Withdraw Money From Your Bank.”

The NYT article details how Federal lawyers (from Obama’s Federal Bureau of Investigation), are prosecuting a former Republican representative for withdrawing his own money from his own bank account.

DEVELOPING: Senator: “go to the ATM machine… draw out everything it will let you take”

The Republican politician, former Speaker of the House under President George H. Bush, now faces a criminal sentence… For withdrawals of up to $8,000. From his own bank account.

This comes just days after the release of a video exposing the possible government cover up of a severe cash shortage about to hit ordinary Americans… One that could see ATMs across the country shutting down.

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And it looks like the government may be taking an aggressive approach to restricting private citizens’ access to the cash in their accounts.

In fact, this is just the latest in a series of similar incidents.

And while critics have traditionally charged that this is an effort to step up surveillance, a new video – released from an isolated mountain ranch by a millionaire historian (yeah, this story gets even more wild) – has shown compelling evidence that there’s a very different reason for all this… one much more disturbing than a simple power grab.

SEE MORE: Millionaire Holes Up in Mountain Ranch – the reason why will disturb you

In fact, the video charges that ordinary Americans are about to see a massive disruption to our daily lives as this failed cover up reaches its logical conclusion.

We were skeptical. But the evidence is staggering. And if the facts do indeed line up… ordinary Americans could be in for a very difficult time.

You can see it for yourself HERE while the video is still up. (How much longer it will remain so, we can’t say)



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    “Chinamerica” coming soon!!
    Posted on June 23, 2015 by christmichael

    The U.S.A. (United States of America) can change its name to “Chinamerica” soon.

    China will own 90% of U.S. Assets and use the Nation’s debt as leverage to take over America after the Chinese “Yuan” becomes the major global currency sending the U.S. Dollar into the “File 13″ trashcan. Bankruptcy is coming to the U.S. and then it will be called: “Chinamerica”!!

    Stock Market to Crash around September 2015

    I predict that the Stock Market will crash around September 2015 because there will be a massive sell off because they will know that China will have the Global Currency “Yuan” announced in October by the IMF. Investors will pull out of U.S. Dollar investments before it drops in value and turn to more lucrative investments that may involve the Yuan currency. ~ Chris Dwaine Christensen 6-15-2015

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