Demand a vote on TTIP and CETA

Demand a vote on TTIP and CETA
(APRIL 2016)

A wave of anger is growing across Europe, that secret trade deals like TTIP and its Canadian brother CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) will become law before European parliaments have even had a chance to debate them. 

New information suggests that these dangerous trade deals could be ‘provisionally implemented’ as soon as they’ve passed through the European council and parliament, and only after they come into force would they be sent to the British parliament for ratification. This is terrifying because both CETA and TTIP give big business sweeping new powers over our society.

The problem with TTIP and CETA

Both trade deals allow big business the right to sue the British government over laws that might damage corporate profits in special corporate courts not open to ordinary people.

Imagine a corporation taking the British government to court for introducing a sugar tax, for prohibiting fracking or for minimum alcohol prices in Scotland before the British parliament has even consented to the deals.

Even if the British parliament rejects CETA, these corporate courts could remain active for several years. This week, there have been serious concerns expressed by MPs in Germany and Austria about these undemocratic trade deals. Let’s add to that pressure.

What you can do

We can stop this happening. In June – one week after the EU referendum – David Cameron will travel to the EU Council to discuss CETA. We are calling on him to veto the provisional implementation of the deal and demand a vote on CETA – implementation must wait until all EU member states have ratified the deal.

Stopping CETA is urgent. CETA has already been signed and is awaiting ratification by the European Council in September and EU parliament later in the year.

Take action now to stop this undemocratic deal.

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