Soros to Starve America Into a Collapse

Published on 18 Nov 2016

It has happened in Venezuela and now it is going to happen here.

Would the criminal elite ever use food against the people?

Did Stalin?

Did Hitler?

Well, the thugs who have hijacked our government are more ruthless than any despot in World History.

George Soros is not only the force being the riots that are crossing America. He is now behind a plot to withhold food from the American people to promote a crisis when Trump takes office.

How do I know this?

This was Soros’ exact pattern during the Arab Spring. He is doing his best to bring down the country and as I have said before, he needs to be arrested for domestic terrorism and sent to a rendition center where he is never heard from again.

Remember, the best predictor of the future are the events of the past.

This video will impress upon you the importance of being prepared and not relying on the government to save you.

Daniel Brigmann- Using Food as a Weapon-The Common Sense Show 11/13/16 (Hour 2)…



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