“Noam Chomsky on Poverty & Inequality in America” – Concord University 2-23-2016

Published on 25 Feb 2016

Organized by Dr. Lawrence Eppard, this event is sponsored by Concord’s Department of Sociology and the Division of Social Sciences.

Noam Chomsky is an acclaimed public intellectual whose ideas and scholarship are known the world over. He has been described as one of the most widely quoted, most widely cited, and most influential intellectuals of our time. Professor Chomsky began teaching at MIT in 1955 where he remains today as Emeritus Institute Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy. His pioneering work in linguistics changed the course of research in the cognitive sciences before he even reached the age of 30. Professor of Linguistics Neil Smith of University College London remarked that Chomsky “did for cognitive science what Galileo did for physical science.” Chomsky has had a similar impact in his work concerning social justice, where his voice has inspired scholars, activists, and citizens the world over. Professor Chomsky is “one of the most notable contemporary champions of the people” in the words of Chomsky biographer Wolfgang B. Sperlich, a “genuine people’s hero; an inspiration for struggles all over the world for that basic decency known as freedom” in the words of journalist John Pilger. Noam Chomsky is tireless, an author of over 100 books and a highly sought after speaker who regularly (it seems weekly) lectures at the most prestigious institutions in the world.



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