The “Global War on Terror” Created The “Global Refugee Crisis” – Selected Articles


Global Research, June 25, 2018

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Humanity’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’: Starving, Enslaving, Torturing and Killing Our Children

By Robert J. Burrowes, June 25, 2018

Every day, according to some estimates, human adults kill 50,000 of our children. The true figure is probably significantly higher. We kill children in wars. See, for example, ‘Scourging Yemen’. We kill them with drones. We kill them in our homes and on the street. We shoot them at school.

The Global Refugee Crisis: Humanity’s Last Call for a Culture of Sharing and Cooperation

By Rajesh Makwana, June 25, 2018

Instead of providing ‘safe and legal routes’ to refugees, a growing number of countries on the migration path from Greece to Western Europe are adopting the Donald Trump solution of building walls, militarising boarders and constructing barbed wire barriers to stop people entering their country. Undocumented refugees (a majority of them women and children) who are trying to pass through Europe’s no-longer borderless Schengen area are at times subjected to humiliation and violence or are detained in rudimentary camps with minimal access to the essentials they need to survive.

How the US, Under Obama, Created Europe’s Refugee Crisis

By Eric Zuesse, June 25, 2018

The US Government itself caused this crisis that Europeans are struggling to deal with. Would the crisis even exist, at all, if the US had not invaded and tried to overthrow (and in some instances actually overthrown) the governments in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere — the places from which these refugees are escaping?

US Court Documents Reveal Immigrant Children Tied Down, Hooded, Beaten, Stripped and Drugged

By Patrick Martin, June 24, 2018

Court documents made public in Virginia and Texas give a glimpse of the systematic brutality being meted out to immigrant children in both public and private jails. Children are strapped down, hooded and beaten, or drugged by force, as part of the everyday procedure in what can only be called the American Gulag.

Refugee Crisis: Manufactured Migrants Are Tools in U.S. Empire’s ‘Grand Chessboard’

By Barrie Zwicker, June 24, 2018

The misery of asylees, Springmann writes, is one of the planned outcomes of horrendous and unlawful military attacks on Syria and other countries. These are carried out in proxy wars by “the West,” including Israel. Springmann writes that Israel “is a terrorist entity” and “an ever helpful architect of chaos.”

War and the Refugee Crisis: The Western Powers Which Bomb Enemy Nations Are Rejecting Their Refugees

By Masud Wadan, June 24, 2018

No external interventionist holds the right to cause the peaceful inhabitants of a jurisdiction to displace, unless it comes forward with legitimate reasons. Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq’s Diaspora worldwide are struggling with the skepticism of the migrant host states over whether they “deserve admission into their societies or not”. By comparison, some European countries as well as Canada, which have no direct involvement in these wars, have welcomed by a far great proportion of the refugees than the US, the UK and France.

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